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Why Choose Us


We are Quality

United Hardscapes goes above and beyond staying up to date with new industry guidelines for the proper installation of Hardscape products.

There are several types of pavers and hardscape materials on the market, each having certain requirements for proper installation and some requiring special tools due to the size of the material. It is important the installation crew is properly trained and has the right tools for the job, therefore, United Hardscapes continues to invest in the latest industry tools to help ensure crew safety and to make sure projects are completed to the customers’ satisfaction.

"It’s all in the base". This is the quote that means the most in the Hardscape industry. No matter what paver, style, color, or pattern a customer chooses, if the base is done wrong, the project will fail and cause problems over time. United Hardscapes has a documented standard operating procedure that each crew is trained on and follows ensuring a base that will stand the test of time.

Local Network

We are Local

United Hardscapes was started as a company focused on customer service and quality for our local community.

We understand the importance of supporting local contractors, having someone local in case there is a problem, and simply the pride of knowing your dollar went to a local business.

That's why our business model revolves around "local".

For each region we service, we have local project consultants and crews who are dedicated and invested into working with you, designing projects, utilizing local materials, and who have established relationships with local suppliers.

We also love to give back to communities, whether it is donating time, resources, or materials. We have been involved in many community projects and take pride in giving back.


We are Affordable

United Hardscapes operates differently than many larger companies. We believe in keeping things lean, efficient and following a tried and tested process for keeping operating costs down and we pass the savings onto our customers.

Additionally, with our established relationships with local garden centers, our network to coordinate logistic partners, and our overall expertise in designing cost-efficient projects, we simply are able to provide better pricing with the same high-level quality you would expect from an extremely high-end hardscaper.


Ready to get started?

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