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How It Works

The #1 Platform for Planning Your Hardscape Projects

We are a trusted Hardscape resource that cares about the success of your project.

Who We Are

United Hardscapes sets a new standard in the hardscape industry by utilizing technology and industry expertise to help you better plan your Hardscape projects, discover what is possible in your yard, and source the best materials at the best prices, while ensuring that you won't be misled, confused or even 'robbed' by unprofessional contractors.



Largest Selection

Get exclusive access to thousands of hardscape products from hundreds of local suppliers - for free. Search for the specific products of your choice or get assistance from our AI Consultant that will match you with the right materials.


Best Prices & Availability

Receive straightforward pricing, easy-to-understand proposals, and tons of options to choose from with no additional costs.


Planning & Project Installation

Work with an industry expert to plan your hardscape project and/or utilize your Hardscape Hub™ to get bids on the project installation from local contractors.

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How It Works

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Choose your materials
or service package

Access the largest selection of hardscape materials online, find the best prices and work with industry experts on planning out your project.


Tell us about your project
in detail

Provide us with as many details as possible, including photos of the area, a sketch with measurements, or photos of projects you like.


Get your project

Review your quote, place your order online and get your materials delivered when you want, and receive bids on installation from local contractors through your Hardscape Hub™.