How It Works

Creating the yard of your dreams can be challenging.

United Hardscapes makes it simple by splitting this process into 2 main phases: kit design and kit installation.

Learn how both of these processes work below.

Designing your kit
Installing your kit
Work with an Industry Expert
Work one on one with a Hardscape Architect who will help you design and plan your project.
  • Defining your project goals

    During your consultation call, we will discuss the main goals of your project and work with you to create a solution that best fits your property.

  • Choosing your materials

    We provide the largest selection of materials available in one place. Whether you are looking to choose materials on your own or would like our guided help, we make it easy to choose materials for your project.

  • Selecting your Base Package

    Choose between two convenient base packages that include everything you need to ensure your project is installed correctly.

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Review Your Designs
Based on your project specifications our designers will create 2D Blueprints, 3D Renderings, and a Video Walkthrough of your project.
  • Approve 2D Sketches

    After your consultation with a Hardscape Specialist, you will receive a 2D sketch of your project and an estimate of your kit cost based on the design and suggested materials.

  • Review 3D Designs

    Next, we will create 3D Renderings of your project so you can get a true visual of what it is going to look like and adjust if needed.

  • Receive your design package

    Your design package includes everything you need to visualize and articulate your project to others - 2D Digital Blueprints that include key measurements, 3D Renderings of your project from multiple angles and a Video Walkthrough that allows you to feel like your project is already complete.

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Ordering your Kit
With our network of local suppliers, sourcing materials for your kit is simple. We coordinate all the logistics and ensure your kit is delivered as promised.
  • Purchase your kit

    Review your detailed materials list, select a payment method and easily order your kit in minutes.

  • Select Delivery Date

    Choose a delivery date that works best for you. Whether you are looking for the kit right away or want to place delivery on hold until your contractor is ready, we will work around your schedule.

  • Mark out where you want materials placed

    Tell us where you want your materials placed - whether it is a driveway, side yard or near the project location. Limitations apply.

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