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Save Time and Money Working With a Project Consultant

When it comes to hardscapes, most people don’t even know what it is or the options they have to choose from, never mind knowing how to plan a hardscape project. Others will find it difficult to decide on a design, materials or how much budget to allocate to execute their vision.


That's where United Hardscapes project consultants come in. As a homeowner, we understand you may have a general idea of what you want, for example; A patio, a walkway or a retaining wall. However, you still might have a lot of questions like; Is this possible? Is this affordable? Will this look good and what materials should I choose?

If you’ve ever received estimates from contractors, you’ll understand getting a consistent answer to these questions is nearly impossible. Everyone seems to have their own way of doing things. Usually, their end result only benefits them, their prices are all over the place, and they can be pushy with upselling, instead of discussing ideas about how to complete your desired project in the most cost-effective way.

Let’s start with the question we hear the most - is this even possible? Yes, most projects are possible. It’s just a matter of planning and budgeting. Many homeowners have an idea of what they want but no idea of how much it will cost nor what the project entails. We see this mindset from both ends of the spectrum. Some homeowners think their dream project is out of reach and will take weeks to complete. Others are surprised when they see how much they can get done in their budget as long as it is planned properly. With that said, there must be a budget. Hardscaping is an investment and most projects, no matter what it is, will start in the low thousands to over a hundred thousand dollars depending on project scope. Having a budget in mind will help bring your hardscape dream to life.

Now that we have a budget in mind, getting the most out of your project becomes the project consultant’s next priority. Most contractors will price their projects by the square foot, this is standard practice across the industry, and has proven to be a great approach. However, it's essential to maximize the usage of your square footage, and many contractors will look past this. For example, if you were planning to build a patio along the backside of your house and you’re thinking; Should you go all the way up to the house or should you stay a few feet away? We would typically recommend staying at least 3 feet away from the house because no one ever sits right against the house, this usually is wasted space and instead of paying for this, you could cut down on your square footage costs and install less expensive landscaping or take that budget and expand your patio further out where it will actually be utilized. When you work United Hardscapes, we assure you that the project consultant will provide this guidance.

After discussing your budget and maximizing your design, your project consultant will be able to help you choose the best colors and materials for your project. In addition to your own preferences, a project consultant will look at your surroundings, color of your house, shutters and even shingles to help determine the most appropriate colors for your project. When it comes to the material choice such as; what size pavers, texture or style you should choose, your project consultant will be able to provide suggestions. For example, if you were looking for a larger size paver, many brands offer a large paver, but what brand and style are best for your project? As a customer you may not know what's available, the cost or differences between these pavers, and contractors tend to push more expensive products. It’s important to have a non-biased opinion from an industry professional like a United Hardscapes project consultant.

Once you’ve got your project planned out and ready to go, it’s time to start construction of your project! Your project consultant will arrange the best crew for your project, schedule a “Call before you dig” and put together a detailed job ticket so that everyone is on the same page prior to the project starting.

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During the construction of your project, your project consultant is up to date on every step of the project and if you have any questions they are never more than a phone call or message away. Upon completion of the project, your project consultant will conduct a final walkthrough of the project in order to ensure your satisfaction and answer any follow up questions you may have. Upon completion of your project we will ask you to rate our project consultant and crew.

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Thinking about a hardscape project now or in the future? Get started by telling us about your project Request Estimate or View Packages.

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