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How Your United Hardscapes Account Can Help Manage Your Hardscape Project

You’ve been saving up for your new outdoor living space, you’ve spent months searching for ideas and inspiration for a new hardscape project. You’ve finally made the decision, and know exactly what you’re looking for. Now it’s time to move forward with your hardscape project!


As you start calling around to look for a contractor, you quickly realize this may be more challenging than you first expected. You keep getting voicemails, are continuously being told they don’t service your area, and are having trouble coordinating site visits. This is all happening before you even received your first estimate.

We all understand how construction projects can be a hassle. From getting estimates to finding the best contractor and managing the entire project. However, what if the whole process could be streamlined so that you’re able to save time, money and frustration?

Our platform allows you to do just that. When you request an estimate from United Hardscapes, you’re in control. You’ll be able to get project inspiration, collaborate with an industry professional and receive quotes broken and online so they are easy to understand. The process is automated and streamlined, allowing you to save time, money and enjoy your project sooner.

So how does it work?

Getting Inspired

If you know exactly what you want for your new outdoor living space. That’s great! You can skip this section. However, most homeowners need inspiration, help finding ideas, and need to see what's possible in their backyard. United Hardscapes inspiration board shows you a collection of local projects, from local crews and local materials available. Simply “like” the projects that appeal to you and build a collection of possibilities. Each photo you “like” is saved into your project idea board.

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Requesting Estimates

When requesting estimates we feel its best to provide customers with the most efficient way possible to determine if now is the time or not to do their project. What we mean by this is actually getting a project budget put together. Many customers have no idea what a project might cost and many contractors are reluctant to give a ballpark number before going on site. Not United Hardscapes, with our virtual estimate form, we ask you key questions about your project, request some photos and guide you through what to think about when planning your project.

Once your estimate is submitted, a local project consultant will review the details and be able to provide you a detailed estimate, from there if the estimate is within your budget, you will be able to automatically set up a site visit so we can discuss more details and provide you a final proposal. If this estimate is over your budget, no worries you can simply click “Decline” continue to use our platform to get ideas and when you're ready we will be here to serve you.

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Planning Your Project

Each project is assigned to a project consultant who will guide you through every step of the planning process. The project consultant is an industry professional who can answer your questions, take accurate measurements and prepare your project brief, allowing them to put together a detailed proposal and design for your project. When on your jobsite the project consultant will be looking at such things like grade, hazards, machine access and more and wil document everything in your project brief.

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Final Proposals

After you’ve met with your project consultant and discussed all the details, they will put together a proposal for you to review. The proposal will be a detailed description of our process, the scope of the project and provide optional pricing with simple “Click and choose” buttons. Project consultants will typically submit proposals within 48 hours of a site visit. After reviewing the proposal you will be able to simply click the “Accept” button and make your first milestone payment to secure a date. If you have any questions about your proposals or would like to make some changes no problem, It is simple for your project consultant to update your proposal and make change orders even as the project progresses.

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Choosing Materials and 3D Design

Upon accepting the proposal, your project consultant will reach out to you to schedule a time to discuss your material selection. Customers can choose materials through our online resources, through our catalogs or in person at a local showroom. With advantaged notice project consultants can even bring samples directly to your property. Upon request, once materials are chosen our designers to start the process of building your 3D design so you can get the real feel for how everything is going to layout.

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Project Management

Now that your project is underway, you can simply pay future milestones, easily communicate with your project consultant and see the status of your project with just a couple clicks. As time goes on, if you ever have any questions about your project warranty, would like to do another project or simply remember the name of your materials all of your information will be securely stored within your United Hardscapes account.

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Customer Satisfaction

Every time you complete a project on United Hardscapes, we ask you to rate your experience on key areas with our simple star system. Your feedback will generate a customer satisfaction score used to better help us serve customers for future projects. If we did a great job, let us know out by leaving a 5-star review so we can continue to keep things the way they are. If for some reason you are not satisfied, please let us know so we can address the issue immediately.

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