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Homeowners - How to Make the Most Out of United Hardscapes Website

If you’ve ever planned a hardscape project, you’re familiar with the challenges that come with it. It starts with trying to find the best contractor for your project, then there’s the struggle of coordinating estimates and trying to find prices within your budget, and that’s only the beginning.


A hardscape is more than just a basic home repair or simple lawn service, it requires more thought, time and effort. Your hardscape project is a long term investment, a new lifestyle and a chance for you to have the ultimate outdoor living space of your dreams.

That’s why United Hardscapes takes the time to help you plan your project from start to finish. United Hardscapes is not a traditional landscape or hardscape company that sends you off on your own to make important project defining decisions, instead, you’ll receive counicure level guidance and the best design, materials and service for your project. At United Hardscapes, our project consultants take a vested interest in helping you plan your project from beginning to end while providing support all the way to the completion of your project.

So how can you make the most of Hirescapes?

Start by taking advantage of United Hardscapes’ idea board. Whether you’ve just started planning your hardscape project or if you're ready to pick out materials, our idea board is here to inspire you and give you ideas for your project. The idea board is a collection of projects from which we have completed. These projects are the best resource to get ideas from since they show locally available materials and provide more practical applications that you can relate to. Everytime you “like” a photo, it’s automatically saved in your “project portfolio”. When you are ready to move forward with receiving an estimate, A United Hardscapes project consultant will be able to recommend design suggestions and materials based on the projects you like.

Once you have a good idea of what you want for your new outdoor living space, it’s time to submit your project to United Hardscapes. The more project details you can provide, the better. It’s not a requirement, but we recommend that you take pictures of the project area, along with basic measurements, and have a budget in mind. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, United Hardscapes’ project consultants can help you with this. Submit your project details and contact information, and a project consultant will provide you a virtual estimate of your project within 24 hours.If the project estimate is within your budget, your project consultant will then set up a time for a site visit to discuss the project in detail and provide a final proposal. Read this to learn how working with a project consultant can save you time and money.

After your site visit, you will receive a detailed proposal of your project filled with information about the project, our installation process, suggested colors, layouts and more. We’ve also made it as easy as a click of a button for you to choose what projects you want to move forward on, secure your project start date and communicate with United Hardscapes.

We do our best to “Hold” dates, but being in an industry that is weather dependent our schedule is fluctuating. For that reason, and because we are typically booked out at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance at all times its recommended that you accept the final proposal within 7 days to secure your spot in our busy schedule.

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Now that you decided to hire United Hardscapes its time to manage your project. From within your account you will be able to make secure payments, view and choose materials, communicate with and receive updates from your project consultant and more.

United Hardscapes is taking the “hard” out of Hardscaping.

Submit your dream project today and let United Hardscapes help you from beginning to end!

Ready to get started?

Now is the time to start planning your hardscape project and United Hardscapes
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