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Find the Best Contractor For Your Hardscape Project

Planning a hardscape project is exciting! You get to look at photos to get ideas, talk about the possibilities with your spouse, friends and family and visualize yourself outside enjoying your new outdoor living space. The only problem is, you still need to find the perfect contractor who can turn your dream into reality.


You may ask a friend who they used, try to find someone off the internet or use a lead generation website but do you really know what to look for in a hardscape contractor? If you're getting a fair price? Or if you found the best contractor for your project?

The objective is always the same; you want to find a contractor who will complete the project on time, stay within your budget and ensure the project will be of the highest quality. Of course, these factors are important, but what else should you be thinking about when you’re investing in a contractor?


Think about the location of the contractor. Do you want to work with a local contractor, someone in town or from a surrounding city? The contractor will have a local reputation and be able to provide nearby references. Since the contractor is in close proximity, your contractor will be more accessible to you throughout the process. Or if you’re open to working with someone from around the region, they may be bigger, have discounts on materials and have a more diverse portfolio. What about it you could have both?

With United Hardscapes, you will! With a local project consultant, a local crew who knows your area and soil conditions, and to top it off we support the local community by purchasing materials locally All backed by a national company that can source and coordinate the logistics for any size Hardscape project.

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Crew Size

Think about the type of crew you want working at your house, are you looking for a one man show who will take half the summer to complete your project or are you ok with the crew that shows up one day, then disappears the next to mow lawns then comes back the following week to continue, that's even worse. With United Hardscapes our crew size is determined by the scope of your project. We are able to scale up or down based on the resources needed to complete your project. This ensures that your project is completed in a timely manner while remaining affordable.

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Project Experience

When comparing contractors think about their project experience, not how many years they’ve been in business. Hardscaping is not the same as landscaping, yet many landscapers will try to transition into hardscaping, and that’s great for the industry, but this can be deceiving to homeowners. There is a significant difference between contractors who have been “landscapers” for five years, and are just now getting into hardscaping versus a hardscaper who has been in business for five years. In these situations, it’s wise to look at their experience in project count, size and quality of their jobs, and not just how long they’ve been in business. That's why all of our crew leads go through a rigorous vetting, onboarding and training process to ensure they have the experience necessary to complete your project.

Putting it all together

This is where your project consultant comes into action again, Based on the scope of your project and the skills required the project consultant will bring in the right crew or (crews) for the job. Although many homeowners think generically about a hardscape project, some projects require a different skill set than others. The type of material, size of the project and overall experience can really set crews apart. With United Hardscapes we work to ensure you have the best crew or crews onsite to handle your outdoor living project.

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The United Hardscape promise

When you work with United Hardscapes we promise you will be working with a team of Hardscape professionals who have a passion for Hardscaping and have one goal of making your outdoor dreams come true.

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