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About Us


United Hardcapes Story

With over 50 years of combined Hardscape
experience, thousands of completed projects and
an obsessive passion for hardscape innovation
United Hardscapes
is proud to be a leader in the
hardscape industry when it comes to quality,
customer service, and affordable pricing.


Our Mission

Taking “hard” out of hardscaping.

To eliminate the many inefficiencies that plague both customers
and contractors by providing concierge-level customer service,
quality standardized installation procedures, and a platform to
simplify the entire experience so that customers can have peace
of mind, clarity and be fully educated when they choose United
Hardscapes to complete their project.


The future

United Hardscapes is determined to innovate, grow,
and push boundaries in the hardscape industry.
Whether it's introducing customers to improved
upon products, better quality and more efficient
installation procedures or simply updating our
platform so it's easier for customers to plan and
design their project, United Hardscapes promises to
lead the way for our customers and partners.


Ready to get started?

Now is the time to start planning your hardscape project and United Hardscapes
is the company to start planning it with